If It Doesn’t Kill You

Life is pretty amazing.  Just when you think you know where you are headed – life happens.  Things change.  Unexpected happenings happen.  Suddenly the pathway becomes forked (or fucked depending on your slant of the situation) and it is decision time.  You start to wonder, “Where am I going? How did I get here?”

Well, I can tell you how you got “here”.  You said something with so much intent that The Universe, The Big Guy, The Angels, The Powers-That-Be – whoever it is you believe in, heard what you said and they thought to themself, “Hey, time for a change.  This little ducky wants to shake things up.”

So, whether you said, “I am so over this!” or “Is this all there is to my life?” or “I really hate this job. I am just not getting out of it what I want.” or “My life has no purpose. What have I really accomplished?”  Whatever it is that you said with intent, the powers-that-be were listening and granted your wish for a new adventure.  Remember that old saying, “be careful what you wish for”? Yeah well, be careful what you say with intent and passion too. The all-seeing, all-knowing Universe has a funny way of delivering on what we put out “there”.

I have now learned that when I am fed up with a situation and whenever I am ready for my next adventure, I look up at the sky and say, “Okay folks.  What’s next? Point me in the right direction and make sure it is for the highest good of all.” Make sure you add that last bit…”for the highest good of all”.  You don’t want to end up in Siberia learning some of life’s toughest lessons.  You want to be sent on the healthiest path for your journey.

If you are afraid of change or are unable to make change, the powers-that-be will often thrust change upon you just to show you that you are capable of change and that you are capable of surviving life’s adventures.

Adventures – I know, you probably think that adventures are supposed to be fun and exciting and perhaps not scary at all.  Adventures really are about getting your adrenaline pumping.

The Oxford Dictionary’s definition of adventure is:

Adventure n. 1 an exciting or dangerous experience. 2 willingness to take risks; the spirit of adventure.

 There you go.  And so, whenever life throws me a curve ball, I say I am having an adventure.  Time to take some risks and see where life takes me.  Go with the flow.  Don’t fight change.  Kind of like when you get stuck in a rip in the ocean. Your best chance of survival is to float on your back and let the rip take you where it wants.  If you struggle, you tire yourself from fighting the rip and you could drown.  Relax, experience the ride with the faith that you will be safe and in a much better place soon.

Changes are scary, but if you live in fear of change you risk not living – not experiencing – not growing.

All of the wisdom that can be imparted doesn’t sound wise when we are in the middle of an adventure.  The one thing I always remember is that if this experience doesn’t kill me, it will make me stronger for what lies ahead.

It is my intent to share with you my stories – my journey – my adventures – my thoughts – my beliefs – all intertwined to discovering a very important lesson on the path to wisdom and enlightenment. My delivery is rarely eloquent – it is very blunt, often confronting, but there is a sincere message direct from my heart – direct from my soul.

If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger, wiser, more empathetic and most importantly, you may learn to laugh at yourself in the face of a crisis.  You may learn to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, suck it up and get on with your adventure of living the life you want.

Travel gently and kick some ass along the way.

Copyright 2012 Shari T. Mitchell.

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