Men and Women

Men and Women

It is my belief that our education systems should include courses that teach us about the differences between men and women.  If we can be taught about things as complex as physics and trigonometry, a course explaining the complexities of male/female relationships should be easy.

I think that this should be ongoing throughout the educations cycle and should start in kindergarten.  Now, I am not talking about sex education per se.

I think someone needs to explain to little girls why their dad finds it funny to ask them to pull their finger.  Explain to little boys why their mothers go off the rails every 28 days.  Explain to children why parents get a divorce.  Explain to them from an early age that men and women have different thought processes that lead to miscommunication and that… here’s the big one… if men and women could just communicate openly and honestly and be nice to each other that this would be a wonderful world.

So, maybe it’s not necessarily about teaching them just about the complexities of the two sexes.  Perhaps there should a course that teaches us from a very early age how to communicate with one another.  What a novel idea!

Someone needs to translate the way men think and speak so that women understand and vice a versa.  I know that hundreds of books have been written on this topic, but we don’t read those books generally until it’s too late.  We have already experienced the heartbreak, the snotty-nose tissue adventures, the confusion, the crap.  Start educating kids when they are young, impressionable and when it will become a healthy, learned behavior from childhood rather than a three-year stint in therapy when they reach 30.

So in essence, children receive couples counselling and partnership communications as a part of their curriculum every year until they graduate high school.  The courses are a requirement, not an elective. And no one can graduate from high school until such time that they score at least 95 on the final exam.  What a happier world it would be.

There you go.  Problem solved.  If we have the tools to deal with these things from an early age, adventures may not be as difficult.  Girls may realize that some men are just jackasses within the first minutes of meeting of them.  Boys may learn that some girls are incredibly high maintenance princesses. We have the knowledge of how to suss these things out before going off the deep end.  Then again, with the proper education, there may not be any jackasses or princesses.  We may actually grow a whole generation of stable, conscious people.  I reckon it’s a brilliant idea.

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