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Torn Veil – Marnie Reilly Mysteries #2

Torn Veil
Christmas is coming, and so is a killer. Will the psychic psychologist save Christmas and herself?

Marnie Reilly is back in Torn Veil, the sequel to Divine Guidance.

Marnie Reilly’s sixth sense is working overtime this holiday season. A haunting sense of evil sweeping through the little town of Creekwood is disturbing her dreams and her waking hours.  The ghosts of her past are trying to help, but the messages from beyond the veil are muddled and vague.

When Marnie’s childhood friend turns up dead on the wrong side of the tracks, police detectives discover her business card in the dead man’s pocket.  Is it an overdose or murder? As tensions rise in the race to solve the case, so does the body count. Detectives Tom Keller and Danny Gregg are on the scene to protect Marnie from the evil lurking in Creekwood, or is it Marnie who is protecting them?

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Divine Guidance – Marnie Reilly Mysteries #1

Divine Guidance
Divine Guidance Cover


There is a very thin veil between this life and the hereafter and we should not tear the veil down for personal gain. Those that dance between the veil of this life and the hereafter have a duty of care to protect the souls of the living and the realm of the spirit world.  For some it is a double-edged sword, inspiring love and hate in equal measure – sometimes with deadly results.

Chapter One

Marnie stood in the wings of the auditorium listening intently and with great irritation to the speaker on stage.  She was up next and as she awaited her introduction, she checked her reflection in a full-length mirror the set crew had not yet stored after last night’s performance.  She was happy with what she saw.  She felt confident in her smart black silk suit with a trimming pencil skirt.  The gray, silk camisole she was wearing gave her eyes the soulful look of the empathetic counselor she knew herself to be.  Her understated jewelry completed the look of a confident, no-nonsense professional…

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