Divine Guidance – Author’s Notes

Writing a book is an amazing feeling.  This book has been in my head for years and when I finally sat down and started to write, it flowed easily. Every twist, turn and conversation appeared on my computer screen as if by magic.  The words flowed, the characters took on a life of their own and I found myself in a different world for many, many hours a day.   I really can’t explain it, but I do know that when I wrote “The End”, I was a little bit sad; excited and sad at the same time.

Whilst Divine Guidance is not an autobiography by any means, it does stem loosely from some personal experience. Divine Guidance flowed from a range of emotions – anger, joy, fear, excitement, disappointment and of course, love.

The first four chapters are here under the menu heading Divine Guidance.  As soon as the book is published, I will leave details here so that interested folks can easily find it.

A very quick synopsis:

There is a very thin veil between this life and the hereafter and we should not tear the veil down for personal gain. Those that dance between the veil of this life and the hereafter have a duty of care to protect the souls of the living and the realm of the spirit world.  For some it is a double-edged sword, inspiring love and hate in equal measure – sometimes with deadly results.

New book.  New website.  Life is good.

Enjoy the read!  I am off to finish writing the sequel.

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