Divine Guidance Launching on Amazon for Kindle

Divine Guidance, a suspense novel with a supernatural twist, is set to launch on Amazon for Kindle on Sunday, 12th October.

The debut novel from author Shari T Mitchell is the first in a series following heroine Marnie Reilly’s professional life as a counselor and her private life as a gifted and somewhat conflicted clairvoyant. Detective Daniel Gregg is the man who drives her to distraction – she doesn’t know whether to let him into her heart or punch him in the face. Detective Thomas Keller, Marnie’s oldest and dearest friend and Gregg’s partner, lightens the mood with his smart aleck comments and witty banter.

To check out the first eight chapters of Divine Guidance click the link.

Link updates to purchase Divine Guidance on Amazon for Kindle will be available on Sunday, 12th October.  Check back soon.

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