Happy New Year! Happy Friday!

TGIF! Thank goodness we’ve gotten through the first week of 2021.

As I continue writing Fatal Vow, the third book in the Marnie Reilly Mystery series, and as I await new reviews of Torn Veil (yes, that is a hint), ideas pop into my head for videos and marketing support items for Divine Guidance and Torn Veil. One of the latest things to hit the publishing industry is book trailers. So… we have put together a trailer that promotes the first two books in the Marnie Reilly Mysteries series – Divine Guidance and Torn Veil, and we’ve put together the first book trailer for Fatal Vow – the third in the series.

Marnie Reilly Mysteries Trailers

Marnie Reilly Mysteries
Fatal Vow Trailer #1

Divine Guidance and Torn Veil are set it late autumn and winter. Snow, sleet and frigid temps set the scene. Fatal Vow drops Marnie into the beginning of a hot, humid summer in Creekwood, NY. Pretty sure there will be a few crazy thunder and lightning storms for our heroine to contend with on her most dangerous journey thus far.

As I write Fatal Vow, I conjure up the sounds of summer in my memory – crickets, tree toads and birds calling for rain, mosquitos buzzing my ear as I fall asleep, and the sound of rain on the roof just outside my bedroom window. I also remember the humidity – the hot and sticky days of summer, when the only relief came from a breeze off of the river. The sights and sounds of my childhood summers will all be present in Fatal Vow – the train whistle from across the river in Canada, lightning bugs blinking in the distance, a thunderstorm brewing, the Big Dipper sparkling in the night sky, the sound of ships chugging up and down the St. Lawrence, and the lap of ship waves slapping the shore.

Divine Guidance began just before Thanksgiving – Torn Veil just before Christmas. I’ve got a theme going with holidays, and as such, Fatal Vow brings us to Independence Day – fireworks and all. This is going to be fun!

Thanks so much to everyone who has been kind enough to post a review of Divine Guidance or Torn Veil. Every review helps lift my book(s) in the rankings, and it also gets the book(s) in front of more people. So, if you haven’t written a review yet, I would be grateful if you could find a few moments to do so.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and New Year. Cheers to a brilliant 2021!

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