The Mystery Writer👩‍💻📚It’s a Good Day for a New Poem

A Poem by Shari T. Mitchell

The Mystery Writer is a poem I’ve been working on for a while. There have been several abysmal drafts, but I think this one resonates with my darkness and light. I hope you enjoy it.

The Mystery Writer

In shadows deep, where secrets dwell,
A mystery writer weaves her spell,
With pen in hand and mind a maze,
She crafts her tales, in subtle ways.

In dim-lit rooms and candle's glow,
She spins her webs, the twists that grow,
A labyrinth of clues and lies,
Where truth and fiction harmonize.

Each character, a puzzle piece,
Their motives veiled, their souls release,
In every chapter, darkness looms,
A world of secrets, silent tombs.

Whispers in the midnight air,
Plot twists woven with such care,
The reader's mind, a curious sleuth,
Hunts for answers, seeks the truth.

Red herrings dance, illusions play,
In her world, night turns to day,
A symphony of suspense and fear,
In every word, the unknown nears.

With every turn of page and phrase,
The mystery deepens, a mystic haze,
In the writer's mind, a game unfolds,
Where mysteries are born and secrets hold.

A silent killer on the loose,
A detective, brilliant and obtuse,
In the writer's world, they intertwine,
A dance of wits, a grand design.

So let the ink flow dark and deep,
In the realm where shadows creep,
For in the hands of this writer's art,
Mysteries come alive, they start.

A world of secrets, dark and bright,
A mystery writer’s sleepless night,
In her words, the enigma lies,
A captivating, thrilling surprise.

Poetry gives me a place to go when I’m in the midst of researching my next book. There are heaps of little scrawlings on post-it notes and scraps of paper scattered around my workspace. It’s funny how I choose to finish some and set others aside for another day. Why did I choose to finish this one? I haven’t a clue. I suppose many people have prjects they go back to when the time is right. Like that stack of clothes in the spare room I need to sort and get to Goodwill. I’ll finish that when I’m ready. 😏

Do you ever write poetry? Short stories, perhaps? Or do you have an unpublished novel?

I have fun poems about Border Collies and Jack Russells. If your fans of my furry friends, stay tuned!

If you haven’t checked out The Writer, you can find it at the link below.

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