We’re at it again! #TurvyTruthOrDare! 3/27/22

#TurvyTruthOrDare Writing Challenge

Starting Friday, April 1st, authors T.L. Brown, Saffron Amatti and Nimmi Sheikh and I will co-host the 7-day writing challenge, #TurvyTruthOrDare. The challenge will run from April 1st though April 7th, inclusive.

What’s #TurvyTruthOrDare About

#TurvyTruthOrDare — The Challenge


  1. Every day we’ll give you a scene prompt. (Swipe for prompts!)
  2. Your character(s) will choose: Truth or Dare?
  3. Then write out a scene using the Truth or Dare prompt.
  4.  Tag your posts with #TurvyTruthOrDare so we can find YOUR creative scenes! 


? Can I do both a Dare and a Truth for each day? Absolutely! If that works for you, do it!

? How many words should I write? Long or short, that’s up to you!

? More questions? Ask!

Do the Marnie Reilly Mysteries Characters Love a Good Challenge?

No! My characters and I have been arguing non-stop since this challenge was announced. They still haven’t recovered (or forgiven me for) from the February #RockTheTurvy Challenge. Marnie, Danny, Tom, Tater and Dickens are spending the next week and a bit at my house, a spring break of sorts. I figured they would enjoy some time away from cold and snowy Creekwood. They have assured me that they would rather be at home.

I have assured them that their fate lies in their behavior during the #TurvyTruthOrDare Writing Challenge.

I will post daily to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Follow the Authors on Instagram

@nimmisheikhauthor –Writing a New Adult, sci-fi murder mystery trilogy planned for 2023 release: #Frostieverse

@saffron.amatti –Writes the spooky, ghosty, and oh-so-twisty #LucasRathboneMysteries

@writertracybrown –Writes the quirky #DoorToDoorMysteries + #BelleroseWitchline fantasy series

@sharitmitchell –Writes the thrilling #MarnieReillyMysteries with canine companions and haunting spirits

Attention Writers and Authors

#Authors and #Writers, whether your characters are in a published book or percolating in your WIP, this challenge is for YOU! This challenge is all about building relationships and getting to get to know more members of the IG #WritingCommunity – and their characters! 

You’re invited to follow challenge hosts @nimmisheikhauthor @saffron.amatti @sharitmitchell & @writertracybrown but it’s NOT required.

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