Torn Veil – Chapter One Has Evolved

As I write Torn Veil, the sequel to Divine Guidance, the storyline changes and the characters evolve.  Quite simply, the characters come to life – their personalities take shape and I rewrite paragraphs, chapters, moments in their dialogue and actions to support their evolution.

The first chapter of Torn Veil has been updated on the Torn Veil page of this site. The update reflects the evolution of Patrick – a complex and conflicted character who is coming to life more and more every day.

I can’t wait to see where my imagination takes Patrick, the main characters and what will happen next in the little city of Creekwood.  Stay tuned.

Reviews Mean So Much

When a reader’s review pops up on Amazon it is the most wonderful feeling ever — especially when it’s a five-star review. Someone important — a lover of books — is validating the hard work you have dedicated to creating your fictional world and the characters who inhabit that world.

There’s a sense of pride in what you have accomplished — of course, so many people help along the way to achieve the accomplishment of publishing a book. A huge thanks to everyone who has read Divine Guidance and to those who offered encouragement, feedback, editing, design and of course, love.  You are all legends! Thank you so much!

tom halpin

Divine Guidance – Now Available in Paperback

Mystery novel, Divine Guidance has just been released in paperback and is available on Amazon (

Divine Guidance can purchased via the Amazon network and will be available in leading retailers and bookstores in the coming weeks.  You can also have your favourite bookstore order a copy for you.

The Kindle version of Divine Guidance has enjoyed 5-star reviews since launching late last year. See the reviews below.  Please also visit the Divine Guidance page on this website to view other reader’s comments.

Amazon Reviews